The deadline to submit a symposium for IPSA 2018 has passed.

Accepted symposia schedule is available.

Submission deadline: December 31, 2017

*Oral abstract deadline is December 31, 2017. Poster abstracts will be accepted until March 31, 2018.

We are pleased to issue this call for symposia for the 5th IPSA Congress, which will take place in Paris, France from April 27 to 29, 2018. We welcome all healthcare professionals to contribute to a high-level scientific program by proposing a symposium for the IPSA 2018 Congress.

Please refer to the following symposium guidelines:
Symposium submissions should be focused on a single topic that is relevant and scientifically excellent. Each individual symposium presentation should have an integrative nature, forming a whole that is much more than the mere combination of the individual oral presentations. Symposium proposals will be ranked by the 2018 Program Committee according to the relevance of the topic, the timeliness of the research, and the broadness of the topic’s appeal. Higher weight will be given to symposia with multi-national participation. Please note that all submissions must follow the format of the symposium proposal form. Incomplete or inaccurate forms will not be considered.

The standard time allocated per symposium is 90 minutes. There should be a chairperson and no more than 5 speakers to ensure adequate time for a short introduction and a comprehensive final discussion. At least 20% of the total allotted time should be devoted to questions and answers, or to group interaction. At the time of your proposal submission, all speakers must have already agreed to participate in the symposium.

Symposium proposals will be accepted by email only and should arrive no later than December 31, 2017. All submissions will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days.

Please submit your proposals to

Symposium Submission Form