Speaker Preparation

All Presenting Speakers:

TEMPLATE:  The pre-created PowerPoint (PPT) template is available for your use to create your presentation in widescreen 16:9 format. For CME purposes, all speakers must verbally disclose any financial relationships with industry prior to their presentations. In order to ensure that conflicts of interest are properly disclosed to attendees, speakers are required to include a disclosure slide, which is included in the attached PPT template, as the second slide of the presentation.

[Download Pre-Made PowerPoint]

PRESENTATION PPT SLIDES:  Presentation PPT slides will remain confidential unless speakers indicate their willingness to distribute the slides to attendees.  Presenting speakers must use the speaker ready room (Room 302) to upload the slides 12 hours prior to their presentation. A technician will be available to assist as needed.


HANDOUTS DUE BY APRIL 20: Speakers who have materials to share with attendees, please submit your presentation slides and any materials (PPT and PDF format) you wish to make available to attendees by reply email to granum@worldsleepsociety.org by April 20, 2018. Please indicate in the body of the email the session number, title, and title of your presentation the handouts are related to.

SKIP THE SPEAKER READY ROOM: Presentation PowerPoint slides may be sent by email to info@ipsa2018.com by Wednesday, April 25th.  After this date, please report to the speaker ready room.

Presenting speakers can use the Speaker Ready Room to upload their PowerPoint presentations, test software, and make changes and adjustments to their presentations. Speakers are required to upload their presentation in the speaker ready room 12 hours prior to their session. A technician will be available to assist as needed.

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