Below is a course outline. The cost to attend a course is in addition to congress registration.

Cost to Attend Course

Prices in US Dollars
Full day course: $125
Half day course: $75

Course Schedule

Friday 27 April 2018

Rooms 320M+321M Room 324 Rooms 322M+323M
Course 1 (Half Day)

09:00am – 1:00pm

Course 2 (Full Day)

Start time: 09:00am

Course 3 (Full Day)

Start time: 09:00am

Course 4 (Half Day)

01:00pm – 04:40pm

Course 2

End time: 04:00pm

Course 3

End time: 05:05pm

Course Overview

Half Day Courses

Course 1: Pediatric insomnia: what’s new? <<Read Course Overview
Chairs: Judith Owens, Oliviero Bruni

Course 4: Abnormal movements during sleep in children <<Read Course Overview
Chairs: Arthur Walters, Rosalia Silvestri

Full Day Courses

Course 2: New methods in Sleep disordered breathing <<Read Course Overview
Chairs: Pierre-Jean Monteyrol, Christian Guilleminault

Course 3: New findings in pediatric sleep medicine / Year in Review <<Read Course Overview
Chairs: Patricia Franco, Michel Lecendreux

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