IPSA 2018 serves as a premier event on the international calendar of pediatric sleep bringing together physicians, educators, basic scientists, sleep technician and clinical investigators from hospitals, industry, and academia to present and share the latest cutting-edge research results and innovative solutions in the related fields.

IPSA Board
President Christian Guilleminault (USA)
Past President Oliviero Bruni (Italy)
Vice President Patricia Franco (France)
Secretary Rosemary Horne (Australia)
Director Rosana Alves (Brazil)
Director Sarah Biggs (Australia)
Director Ron Chervin (USA)
Director Paul Gringras (UK)
Director Daniel Ng (Hong Kong)
Director Judith Owens (USA)
Director Teresa Paiva (Portugal)

National Scientific committee
Mazza Stéphanie
Spiegel Karine
Monteyrol Pierre-Jean
Nguyen Xuan Lan
Couloignier Vincent
Royant-Parola Sylvie
Sabine Plancoulaine
Karen Spruyt
Veronique Bach
Brigitte Fauroux
Guillaume Aubertin
Marie-Dominique Lamblin
Eric Konofal

National Scientific and Organisation Committee
Ha Trang
Michel Lecendreux
Thierry Seailles
Carmen Schroder
Marie-Françoise Vecchierini
Patricia Franco